SDC to Increase Enrollment of Recently Opened Day Program

SDC opened its first day habilitation / pre-vocational program “Striving on Strength” on April 14th 2012. Striving on Strength is an individualized pre-vocational / day habilitation program dedicated to meet the needs of recent graduates of the Department of Education, who previously attended residential schools. Striving on Strength is located at 5670 Riverdale Ave in the Bronx. On June 21, 2012, SDC received an award from OPWDD to increase the enrollment at Striving on Strength by eleven more individuals. These individuals will be recent graduates from the Board of Education who are seeking first time adult programs, and fit the characteristics to best be suited for this program. The program combines formalized academics with the development of appropriate social skills and volunteer activities, which will lead to employment opportunities.

SDC is currently accepting applications for eligible candidates.

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