Residential Services

SDC presently operates 4 Supervised IRA’s in the Bronx and is working toward developing an IRA for individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome. SDC has been an active member of the New York State Prader-Willi Alliance and The National Alliance for Prader-Willi.

is it ok to buy isotretinoin online What is an IRA?

Group Portrait of the Fieldston MenIndividual Residential Alternatives are certified residences under the auspices of OPWDD. IRA are operated by both OPWDD and private provider agencies. There are two types of IRA residences, supervised and supportive. Supervised residences provide supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides a home for up to 14 individuals. A supportive IRA provides service on an as needed basis and is home to three or less individuals. SDC presently operates three supervised residences. These residences provide around the clock supervision, adaptive skill development training and education, activities of daily living assistance, community inclusion, and appropriate behavioral skill building. Individuals who reside in a supportive IRA need less supervision and receive only need-based assistance and services.

Wałcz What is an ISS?

Individual Supports and Services (ISS) is a residential program which supports and assists individuals who are capable of living independently with minimal assistance.  ISS programs provide financial and need-based assistance program supports to these individuals. An ISS is home to one to two eligible individuals.

Our Residences

SDC presently operates three Supervised IRAs and has been approved to develop a supervised IRA for 6 individuals with Prader Willi Syndrome. SDC has been an active member of the New York State Prader Willi Alliance and The National Alliance for Prader Willi.

Fieldston Residences
Fieldston Women Eating Dinner

The Fieldston Residence is a two-family home located on Fieldston Rd in the neighborhood of Riverdale in the Bronx.  This is home to two certified and supervised IRAs. The first residence is home to four middle-aged women, who were previously residing with their elderly parents.





The second residence was developed for four middle-aged men, who could no longer live in their present environment due to various reasons.  All of the individuals in the Fieldston Residence take advantage of the beautiful setting the home is located in and utilize the community resources available to them.


Sylvan Residence

The third residence is located on Sylvan Ave., which is also located in the beautiful Riverdale section of the Bronx. Sylvan is home to eight young-adult to middle-aged men. The individuals in this residence are very active in the community and have grown accustomed to the quiet park-like setting of their neighborhood.

Group Portrait of the Sylvan Residence          Sylvan Facade

Quincy Residence

In 2020, SDC opened a 6-bed IRA in the Throgg’s Neck section of the Bronx. This IRA serves 6 young men who aged out of residential schools and foster care.

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