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Adults with intellectual disabilities and families with children who have intellectual or developmental disabilities are presented with unique challenges that can be overwhelming at times.  With over a decade of personalized, quality care to the intellectually disabled community, SDC understands that families can benefit from having a support network that understands the specific challenges they face. SDC aims to support these families by providing them with a space to network with other families facing similar challenges, as well as by providing these families with information tailored to address the issues they are facing right now. Monthly Family Support Group Meeting  – We are Family!
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In an effort to provide this level of support, SDC hosts a family support group for parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and for self-advocates over the age of 20 with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  This support group, which is also known as “We are Family,” offers parents and individuals practical and functional education and trainings that can benefit their personal care for their children or themselves.  For example, trainings often include education in first aid practices, like how to administer CPR or Fire Safety.  The meetings include a one-hour presentation by a guest speaker who presents information on a special topic of interest to the group members. The topics for presentation are discussed and selected prior to each meeting based on the interests of the group members.  The presentations vary depending on the group’s interest, however, examples of past topics of interest include information on home attendants presented by a speaker from Excellent Home Health Care, topics on guardianship presented by a representative from New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, and issues regarding housing presented by a Housing Advocate from Synergia.  Since many of our clients are Spanish-speaking, the family support group meetings are presented in both English and Spanish in order to best serve our clients.  Group members are served breakfast and lunch and they receive a round-trip metrocard for their transportation to and from the meetings.  This meeting is held on the last Thursday of every month from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at The Church of the Mediator located in the Riverdale neighborhood in the Bronx. This is an open group and families interested in gaining support can contact our family support group coordinator, Crusita Ramos at (718) 432-8469.

We are Family!

Community Served :
Parents of children with ID/DD or adults with ID/DD and self-advocates

Type of Services Offered :
Parent Support Group, education, training, referral and support for parents and self-advocates

Church of the Mediator Facade
Location :
The Church of the Mediator
260 West 231st St.
Bronx, NY 10463

When :
The Last Thursday of every month

Time :
9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Languages Served :
English, Spanish

Crusita Ramos
(718) 432-8469

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