Day Services Striving on Strength is a Prevocational Day Habilitation Program offered by SDC.

SDC is committed to providing services thaDay Habilitation Consumers and Stafft recognize individual preferences and needs. Our day services program assists individuals with developmental disabilities to realize their highest level of independence, productivity and responsibility. Each individual is encouraged to exercise his or her full rights. SDC ensures that each individual is fully protected from harm (dignity of risk) while upholding that individual’s right to choice and right to be fully included in his or her home, community, and day programming.

problems with buying isotretinoin without rx Overview of Prevocational Day Habilitation Services – Striving on Strength

SDC has developed an exciting new configuration of a Pre-Vocational Day Habilitation program that combines a variety of “without walls” progra00020mming with the home base (safety/comfort) of a traditional day program. By providing a home base, we create a safe environment where skills can be learned in a comfortable, encouraging environment. These skills can then be put to practice in the community with confidence. The home base also provides as a safe place for those days when an individual is having a particularly “off” day and he can work on his coping skills in a comfortable environment. The long term objective is for all of our participants to develop the skills necessary to obtain and keep gainful employment.

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Our program emphasizes each of the following:

Volunteer Opportunities – (without walls) Draws upon individual strengths and interests, thereby providing experiential opportunities to build skills and hone individual vocational skills and potential employment prospects.

Educational Component – (home base) Provides operational reading, writing, and math skills according to individualized developmental levels. This component directly correlates with community inclusion and volunteer opportunities. Individuals have the opportunity to practice skills in-house prior to going out into the community.

Community Inclusion – (without walls) Focuses on enhancing each individual’s ability to navigate, interact, build relationships, participate in cultural activities and conduct transactions as independently as possible in the community.

Fitness and Healthy Living – (without walls) Promotes healthy living by providing daily exercise and educating individuals about making healthy choices throughout the day. Activities are determined by the groups’ interests and varied according to weather.

If you are interested in learning more about our day services program, you can contact our Day Program Director, Reva Zawel at:

Reva Zawel
Striving on Strength
Pre-Vocational Day Habilitation Program
Services for the Developmentally Challenged
5670 Riverdale Ave.
Bronx, NY 10471

Office: (347) 980-2900
Program: (347) 980-2901
Fax: (347) 980-2902

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