October 2013 Employee of the Month: Kebbi Almonte

KebbiSDC would like to congratulate Kebbi Almonte and thank him for his outstanding service as an MSC.

Kebbi Almonte has proven to be an exceptional advocate for the individuals he serves.  He may be quiet around SDC, but in the community, he has a big voice when advocating for his clients.  Kebbi successfully manages a full caseload and provides diligent and effective support to all the families he serves.

Kebbi frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty as an MSC.

Recently, one of Kebbi’s clients was arrested.  Kebbi worked diligently and persistently to influence the judge handling his client’s case to be lenient on this individual, given the individual’s diagnosis.  Kebbi took his advocacy skills a step further when he went so far as to enroll this individual into a program that would help keep this individual from being incarcerated and reduce his probation.

When another one of Kebbi’s clients began having a difficult time receiving the services outlined in his IEP, Kebbi secured a lawyer to work with the family to obtain the services they were rightfully owed.

Kebbi goes to court frequently, sometimes every week, doing his best to advocate for clients who are experiencing legal trouble. He has taken initiative to do this on his own accord, in an effort to provide support to individuals who are facing a tough legal system and have little to no support on their side.  In watching Kebbi with his clients, it is clear that he elevates the MSC position to a higher level, by acting as both an advocate and a mentor to his clients.

SDC is proud to have such a thoughtful, driven, and diligent advocate on the MSC team!

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