Evening Respite

The “Encore” Evening Respite Program

Monserrato The purpose of this program is to provide services to individuals in need of supervision, socialization, and recreational activity during evening hours (3:30 pm – 6:30 pm) on Monday through Friday.  This program begins shortly after typical day programs end providing a continuum of care for individuals in need of this service.  Encore is a unique respite program in that we strive to provide an engaging environment that supports learning and recreation during hours of respite.  This program creates learning opportunities to practice reading, writing, and math skills in an applied setting within the community.  We also emphasize exposure to and hands-on learning of music and art.  We hope to inspire expression through various art mediums by building confidence through familiarity with various art forms.  Finally, our program promotes healthy lifestyles by providing fitness and exercise opportunities in our sports program.  Our sports program incorporates individual preference and interest and provides opportunities to practice different types of sports and recreational fitness.

Small Group Setting

http://intellivex.com/data-center-projects/ The individuals attending the program are placed into small groups according to skill level, strengths, and personal interest.  These smaller groups emphasize educational and recreational objectives based on individual preference and need in an effort to maximize the benefits to each participant.


Ghazni The “Encore” Evening respite program is provided at 5670 Riverdale Ave, which is also the present site of SDC’s day program (Striving on Strength) and within walking distance of Van Cortland Park.  Having a home base allows the participants to practice skills in a comfortable, encouraging environment and provides a space to attend during inclement weather.


Participants in our evening respite program are transported by their Day Program to our agency.  They are dropped off at 5670 Riverdale Ave.  We transport individuals home when the Evening Respite Program ends at 6:30 pm.  Individuals are returned home between 7 – 7:30 pm.


Respite program services are available for  individuals who reside at home with their family members.


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