Employee of the Month: Sieder Joseph

Sieder Best ShotSDC would like to congratulate Sieder Joseph and thank her for her outstanding service as an MSC.

It was brought to SDC’s attention that Sieder Joseph is an exceptional advocate for the individuals she serves.  She has received multiple positive comments from outside sources.  We have received requests from parents, advocates, and agencies who specifically named Sieder as their MSC of choice.  Sieder carries a full case load and has demonstrated the ability to manage a variety of caseloads effectively and efficiently.

Sieder has proven she is totally devoted to advocating for her individuals b  y coming up with creative solutions to complex problems related to her cases.    Upon realizing that one of her individual’s health was in jeopardy due to his severe addiction to smoking cigarettes, Sieder took it upon herself to do research into harm reduction techniques related to smoking that could be implemented with this individual.  She approached the residential staff and presented the information she gathered and encouraged the staff to attempt these techniques with the resident.  This is just one example of Sieder’s exceptional advocacy skills and why we believe that Sieder deserves the recognition of Employee of the Month.

Thank you Sieder for all that you do.  We believe the individuals you serve will benefit from your hard and dedication.

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