Employee of the Month: Luis Ortiz (July 2014)

Employee of the Month

Luis Ortiz

July 2014

SDC would like to congratulate Luis Ortiz and thank him for his outstanding service as a Professional Driver.

Luis Ortiz joined SDC relatively recently.  He started as a part-time driver for the Striving on Strength Day Program and then began driving for the Evening and Weekend Respite programs.  Working with three different programs means that Luis has to coordinate with three different managers.  All three managers who work with Luis collectively agree that he has become a huge asset to SDC in a very short period of time.

Luis approaches work with a positive attitude that individuals respond to. He has a gentle, but firm approach that has proven to be very successful in managing challenging situations.  Luis has provided coverage when DSP staff have needed to call out on many occasions and this has proven he is willing to go above and beyond his own role.  At the weekend respite program, Luishas developed a great rapport with the children and       teenagers alike and has consistently been very cooperative, going beyond his duties as a driver.  On more than one occasion, Luis has intervened with the different behavioral outbursts of the individuals receiving services and as a result of his experience, training and overall care/approach, individuals are very responsive to him.  While in the community, Mr. Ortiz advocates for the children, consistently ensuring their safety and well-being.

Luis has provided a level of support that none of the managers who work with him could have expected.  Luis’s positive approach and reliable actions provide a sense of safety and security to those who are in his care.

SDC is proud to have Luis Ortiz on its team!

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