Employee of the Month: Rafael Quezada (January 2014)

SDC would like to congratulate Rafael Quezada and thank him for his outstanding service as a Direct Support Professional.


Rafael Quezada has worked with SDC for two years.  During this time, he has gone above and beyond when performing his job duties and responsibilities.  When first starting with SDC, he made an effort to absorb as much information as he could from his veteran co-workers.  He immediately made a good impression with many of his co-workers with his humility, genuine eagerness to learn, and his gentle, yet effective approach working with the residents at Fieldston.


Rafael has continued to impress his managers and co-workers with his sincere willingness to work hard.  Rafael’s work never falters when no one is looking.  He works equally hard whether being observed or not.  One characteristic that Rafael possesses which consistently impresses those around him is his immediate willingness to put the individuals first.  He has developed a great working relationship with each of the individuals in his care and he has genuinely earned their trust as both a DSP and an advocate for them.  Rafael’s advocacy skills make him stand out as an excellent DSP.  About a year and a half ago, Steven from Fieldston fell out his bed.  Rafael noticed that Steven wasn’t feeling like himself and urged for him to be taken to the hospital.  At the hospital, it was revealed that Steven had suffered from fractured ribs from this fall and he was able to receive effective treatment to heal his ribs due to Rafael’s keen observation and advocacy skills.


Rafael has stepped up in many ways when someone reliable was needed to complete a task.  He has shown interest in learning managerial duties and is looking forward to continue developing himself both personally and professionally.  A true professional, Rafael took it upon himself to volunteer with Edwin Gould to teach staff members how to properly use a lift chair.


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