Employee of the Month: Genesis Flores (September 2014)

Employee of the Month

Genesis Flores

September 2014

SDC would like to congratulate Genesis Flores and thank her for her outstanding service as a Direct Support Professional.

Genesis Flores works as a Direct Support Professional with the Evening Respite Program.  In less than a year of being employed by SDC, she has caught the attention of management with her outstanding work ethic.

Recently, when her manager, Kebbi Almonte, was out on medical leave, Genesis stepped up to fill his role in many ways.  During this time, she took initiative to lead the program while Kebbi was out by doing activities that are not in her job description like submitting payroll and planning and coordinating the program schedule.

Genesis has ideas for the program and brings them to the table.  She proactively finds events and activities in the community for the individuals to participate in.  In addition, even while balancing a hectic schedule (Genesis works a teaching job outside of SDC and also attends school) she takes time to prep materials the night before in order to be prepared for the program the next day.

Genesis is engaging, interactive, and it is evident in the close relationships she has forged with the individuals in her care that she enjoys working with the individuals.  Furthermore, she is flexible and accommodating, even at the last minute.  For example, she recently volunteered to stay late and write up incident reports and occurrences for Kebbi, when he needed assistance writing (due to his hand being injured).  Genesis is all-around a team player and wonderful employee to work with.

SDC is proud to have Genesis Flores on its team!

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