Employee of the Month: Jackie Macias (February 2014)

SDC would like to congratulate Jackie Macias and thank her for her outstanding service as the Medicaid Service Coordinator Supervisor.

Throughout the past year, our MSC department has been in an almost constant state of transition.  Jackie has worked diligently to strengthen the MSC department in an effort to meet the growing need for MSC services in the Bronx and upper Manhattan area.  Jackie has been proactive in her approach to building up the MSC department.  Through connections she made and the quality of services she inspires, Jackie has greatly expanded the MSC caseload in the last year, which has benefitted the entire agency financially.  Our MSC department has become a model department for other agencies, and families frequently request our agency for MSC services based on our upstanding reputation.


In order to expand the MSC department, Jackie had to go above and beyond the line of duty in order to meet the demands placed upon her.  She carried the equivalent of three caseloads for a series of months, while looking to hire MSCs to take on these cases.  Jackie frequently works late and makes herself available to her staff and families for guidance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Furthermore, Jackie volunteered her time and services to other departments by performing such tasks as connecting with OPWDD to expedite the newly hired DSPs to get fingerprinted, providing current research for the ISP & Valued Outcomes monthly training, and by filling in for members of the day program intake committee when needed.


Jackie’s upbeat, approachable, and hard-working character is an inspiration to many of her co-workers.  Jackie is the kind of staff member who others can count on and this is what makes her such an outstanding employee.

SDC is proud to have Jackie Macias on its team!

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