Employee of the Month: Anthony Oduekun (December 2013)

SDC would like to congratulate Anthony Oduekun and thank him for his outstanding service as a Direct Support Professional.


Anthony Oduekun has been working as a Direct Care Professional at SDC for nine years.  He works with eight individuals at the Sylvan Residence currently on the 3rd shift.  Throughout Anthony’s nine years of service, he has demonstrated that he is an extremely dedicated employee who is always dependable. He has demonstrated outstanding attendance and punctuality. In emergency situations Anthony has gone above and beyond to help the Sylvan Residence out in a pinch.  Anthony has become family to the eight residents at Sylvan.


Anthony’s gentleness and approachability engenders trust in the individuals he serves. He sees each person as a unique individual with their own talents and opinions.  Anthony is empathetic when it comes to listening and making each individual feel important.  Anthony is a true role model who will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Anthony possesses a solid understanding of the skill set that is required to execute his job.


Mr. Oduekun doesn’t do the things he does to get recognition or rewards, instead he does it out of a passion for improving the quality of lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.  He is one of the most deserving of recognition for all the time, energy, and love he gives and the way he enriches the lives of those he serves.  SDC is proud to have Anthony Oduekun on its team!


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