Employee of the Month: Crystal Navarro (October 2014)

Employee of the Month

Crystal Navarro

October 2014

SDC would like to congratulate Crystal Navarro and thank her for her outstanding service as our Nurse.

CrystalCrystal Navarro, RN provides clinical nursing support to all SDC programs.  In the midst of recent agency expansion, our nursing staff became short-staffed when our prior nurse, Georgette Taylor moved to upstate New York.  Despite having a full-time job outside of SDC, Crystal worked double duty to cover all SDC nursing needs.  This role required Crystal to be the only nurse on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week   for over six months.  This is a huge task for one person to undertake.  Crystal took this on with no hesitation and never complained about having to take on the extra workload.

Crystal’s commitment to the individuals in this field is evident.  She has a great rapport with every individual in our residences.  She has been a strong advocate for the individuals in monthly Incident Review Meetings and also in past Clinical Coordinator Meetings.  Crystal has identified gaps in communication and brought this to the attention of management in an effort to help advocate for clients to the get the best quality of clinical service for the clients in SDC programs.  Furthermore, Crystal has helped develop clinical trainings for the staff which are required by OPWDD, but even more importantly crucial to support our staff in knowledge base and professional development.  Crystal is an outstanding employee due to her inherent work ethic, pleasant demeanor, can-do attitude, and strong assessment and advocacy skills.  She always puts the best interests of the clients first.


SDC is proud to have Crystal Navarro on its team!

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