Employee of the Month: Cruzileisy Velasquez (November 2014)

Employee of the Month

Cruzileisy Velasquez

November 2014

SDC would like to congratulate Cruzileisy Velasquez and thank her for her outstanding service as a Medicaid Service Coordinator and Assistant Manager of the Reach Respite Program.

Cruzileisy Best ShotCruzileisy joined SDC as a Direct Support Professional in 2012. She then moved into her current position as a Medicaid Service Coordinator and has most recently taken on the part-time role as Assistant Manager of the Saturday Children’s Respite Program.  It didn’t take long for Cruzileisy’s outstanding work ethic to be noticed and recognized; she repeatedly stands out as a hard-worker and fierce advocate for the individuals she serves.

As an MSC, Cruzileisy tirelessly supports individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. She recently went above and beyond her duties to ensure the safety of an individual living in an abusive situation, and further assisted others in the process. Cruzileisy has tirelessly sought out residential placement for an individual with very serious medical needs and continues to strive toward that goal.

While still carrying out her MSC duties, Cruzileisy took on the added role of Assistant Manager of the Children’s Respite Program, bringing a positive energy to the development and implementation of what is now a successful, engaging program. She has even come in on days off just to ensure the program’s success. The children love to have Cruzileisy there and the families have nothing but praise for her and the program.


SDC is proud to have Cruzileisy Velasquez on its team!

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