Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster independence and improve quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Services for the Developmentally Challenged is committed to providing case management services to consumers residing in their own homes, their family’s home, or a residential facility. Services for the Developmentally Challenged will ensure that consumers receive all eligible services available to them in an effort to maximize their potential towards living an independent life. The services provided to individuals with developmental disabilities will serve to enhance their respect for the similarities and differences in other individuals similar to them, as well as raise their awareness of other cultures, ethnicities, and religious beliefs through direct exposure to other individuals and a diverse population within the community.
Mission Statement

Our services include Residential, Prevocational Programming, Medicaid Service Coordination, Respite, and Family Support. The intention of Services for the Developmentally Challenged is to provide a continuum of care through the agency’s services and service contracts with local hospitals, clinics, and other community agencies who service the developmentally disabled. A working relationship with these providers is key to the provision of care and service necessary to attain the goal of maximum independence for each individual.

Our agency develops its goals for these individuals by collaborating with individuals, parents, guardians, and service coordinators in shared decision making and problem-solving that will result in a productive and inspiring environment. These Goals will be accomplished through an alliance with consumers, their advocates, professionals, and Agency Administrators.

The involvement of these founding professionals and parents will be one of leadership and learning to develop a cohesive working group to fulfill this mission.

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