StevenSteven was a young man who was residing with his ninety year-old, visually impaired mother in the Bronx. When staff at SDC met Steven he was trying to be the parent, homemaker, and caretaker for his mother. Steven’s mom could no longer care for herself, never mind Steven.
SDC decided to step in and offer Steven and his mother support. Steven was invited to live in our Fieldston Residence. It was very shortly after Steven moved into our residence that his mother passed away. Steven quickly became a member of a new family and gained the support and encouragement he needed from our staff to become a natural leader and caretaker at the residence. Steven goes out of his way to advocate and assist his roommates both physically and emotionally. Steven has made it a point to learn American Sign Language so that he can communicate with his roommate and acts as an interpreter for his roommate during house meetings.
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